What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice in which specific techniques are used to focus the mind and bring about awareness to transform your thoughts, emotions and presence in daily life. It involves quieting your thoughts to bring your attention to the present moment and looking within to find a deeper understanding of your Self, relationships and overall lifestyle. 

How do you meditate?

There are various styles and techniques in which to meditate, but the simplest form involves closing your eyes and focusing one's attention on the breath. The guided meditations offered by Spirit Life use the popular techniques for those new to the art of meditation, including body-scan, mindfulness (breathing, observation and awareness), and transcendental meditation (focus on a specific object or mantra). Those with advanced meditation skills or specific needs can opt for the hour-long sessions in which a customized technique will be used to resolve a problem or gain clarity in a certain area of life.


What are specialty meditations?


There can be a meditation for any ailment you can imagine, but Spirit Life offers solutions for some of the most common issues. These can include visualization for manifestation and prosperity, smiling meditation for happiness and positivity or loving-kindness meditation for empathy, connection and improved relationships. Other solution-centered meditations are available for issues such as depression, anxiety, anger, pain or insomnia. 

What do I need to meditate?

You do not need anything to meditate. Anyone can meditate whether you have experience or not. Meditation is simply the act of sitting in stillness and looking within to find peace that can radiate to every aspect of your life. For Spirit Life online meditation sessions, all you need is a laptop with internet connection, a comfortable space to sit in and an open-mind to explore the world within yourself. 

What are the benefits of meditation?

Meditation has numerous benefits that would be impossible to list out at one time. Some benefits include:



  • Mental clarity

  • Happiness and positivity

  • Improved decision-making

  • Ability to handle difficult emotions

  • Self-love and understanding



  • Better sleep

  • Mindful eating habits

  • Improved immune system

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Reduced risk for disease


  • Spiritual peace

  • Sense of purpose 

  • Fulfillment and contentment

  • Developing a light-hearted approach to life


  • Improved relations with family members, friends and partners

  • Compassion towards others

  • Reduced social anxiety

  • Deeper, long-lasting connections 



  • Manifesting your goals

  • Abundance and success

  • Developing healthy habits

  • Freedom from addiction

  • Creating a simple and organized life 

...And this is all just the tip of the iceberg. You can read about meditation and its benefits for hours, but the only way to truly experience the life changing magic of this valuable skill is to try it out for yourself. Sign up for a guided meditation session online with Fatima today and it will be the one decision you will never regret. 

“Inner peace cannot be attained through the external world of thoughts, emotions, relationships, objects or circumstances. Meditation can help you slowly shed these layers and discover what lies underneath, after everything else is removed. This is the essence of Awakening.”