Beach Meditation
Spirit Life Meditation 
With Fatima Punja

When I first began my meditation practice nearly a decade ago,I had little understanding of myself and the direction in which I wanted my life to go. Once I began to practice regularly, I experienced a sense of inexplicable bliss- one of Universal oneness, peace, love, joy, gratitude and abundance. I quickly learned that my entire life is created within my mind, and with this newfound inner peace, I could be anyone, do anything. 

Meditation will help you to experience this same unshakeable peace, take control of your mind and emotions, and reap miraculous benefits for your overall health- mind, body & soul. With regular practice, meditation can also help you enhance your relationships and create a life of purpose, abundance and pure joy that cannot be found anywhere else. 

You do not need any prior meditation experience to begin. All you need is the willingness to learn, a laptop and a comfortable space. Before each session, we will outline the session and figure out the right technique for you. After the guided meditation, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. Sign up for either a beginner 30-minute or advanced 60-minute session & let's get started today!