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Coaching Packages

Spirit Life coaching offers a variety of packages based on your individual needs, in single sessions or 4-6 week packages. Sessions are held via video or phonecall, at the ease and comfort of your own home, at a time that is convenient for you. All packages include unlimited email support and live-chat hours available to schedule upon request.

Current plans are listed below, with the ability to schedule a FREE 15 minute phone consultation before your final booking. Once you have booked your first session, you will receive a welcome pack within 24 hours, consisting of all information, legal forms and contracts, and a questionnaire assessment which will assist us in getting started right away.

Yoga at Home
Spirit-Centered Coaching

-Introduction to meditation and spirituality
-Techniques to improve presence and mindfulness
-Exploration of self-awareness and belief systems
-Teachings on mind-body connection
-Powerful questioning of limiting beliefs 

-Who Am I? Hand and affirmations 
-Getting inspired and discovering your purpose

-Law of attraction and manifestation

-Spiritual practices, energy healing and chakra balance
-Living in alignment with balance and creating your vision and dream life

 Healthy Fruit Salad
Wellness-Centered Coaching

-Nutrition basics & body science

-Review of BMI and personal health goals

-Weight management & mindful eating

-Exercise goals and concerns

-Healthy habits including sleep hygiene

-Implementing small changes

-Self-care, beauty and confidence

-Body scan and symptom list

-Essential oils and supplements

-Assistance with annual checkups & medical referrals

Affirmation Poster
Heart-Centered Coaching

-Exploring the mind-body connection

-Positive psychology and mindset shifting

-Brain dump and journaling benefits

-Building new habits: routines and gratitude

-Strengthening relationships, grief/loss counseling

-Management of negative emotions/feeling stuck

-Overcoming anxiety and panic attacks

-Assistance in organizing your mind to simplify your life

-Creative expression and connectedness

-Best stress reduction techniques

Working from Home
Solution-Centered Coaching
Come with your own goal-oriented topic 


-Topics may include but are not limited to:

-Review of daily routine to implement change

-Setting and achieving personal goals

-Work/life balance and leisure time

-Career, financial or relationship stress

-Time management and prioritization

-Minimalism and simplifying your life

-Organization and productivity

-Decision-making and life changes

-Any topic from the existing packages


Spirit Life 101 is the ultimate 6-week comprehensive life transformation course. Discover how to align your mind, body, heart and soul to create your happiest, healthiest, most holistic and successful life. This package uses a light-hearted approach for the free-spirit in you, but creates real and lasting change. It is designed especially for those wishing to balance all aspects of their lives to live in alignment, balance and peace.

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